Barrikade De Ice

Product Description:
Barrikade De Ice is a pigmented, seamless flooring system based on a solvent-free flexible elastomeric epoxy resin compound. Barrikade De Ice has been designed to incorporate a heating system within the deck coating to keep areas free of ice. The screed underlayer encapsulates steel profiles and heating cables.

This flexible system offers many advantages over  traditional rigid binders and coatings:

  • improved impact resistance and protection
  • crack bridging properties
  • the ability to absorb stress within the surface layer preventing premature failure at the interface
  • can be build up in considerable thickness to spread loads or absorb unevenness in the substrate.
  • it may be applied to surfaces with movements such as sell and asphalt
  • have good noise reduction factors

Areas of use:
Barrikade De Ice has is suitable for escape ways and other areas that should be kept free of ice.

Chemical: Barrikade De Ice provides seamless and water tight finish with good chemical resistance to most chemicals such as alkalis, oils, fats, salt, but limited resistance to acid in high concentrations.

Mechanical: Barrikade De Ice has very good mechanical properties and is hard wearing. The system can be supplied with different grades of filler.

Thermal: Barrikade De Ice has very good resistance to thermal chock.

Surface treatment:
Shot blasting

System build up:

  •  1 layer of Barrikade steel primer
  • 30 mm screed with 1:5 mixture of Barrikade EP SLF UF and a special blend of quarz sand
  • Porefilling with Barrikade EP SLF I approx. 1, 6 kg/m2
  • 1 layer of Barrikade EP-SLF I 1,8 kg/m2 and graded quarts
  • 1 layer of Barrikade EP-SLF II 1,3 kg/m2 blended with aluminium oxide for anti skid

Barrikade de ice (3)

De Ice

(Tekst er tatt fra Barrikade® systemdatablad fra Hesselberg)

Pictures under from West Hercules where we layed 1000m2 with 30mm Anti Ise coating in 2012 and spring 2013.