Privacy Policy

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Information we collect

When visiting the website, our network provider will be able to obtain information that is necessary to deliver a stable service. Read more about this in the privacy statement of Hjelseth Computers.


How we use cookies

We use cookies to provide you better services. Some cookies are essential for the functionality of the web pages, while others are used to improve performance and user experience. Functional cookies are used to: – Remember your login information – Stay safe when you are logged in – Make sure the web pages look consistent Performance cookies are used to: – Improve the performance of the web pages by loading the pages faster – Improve user experience Targeted cookies are used to: – let you share and like content – Send information to other websites to customize their advertisements

Examples of usage

Cookies are used to provide you with better services, such as: – enable a service that recognizes your device so you do not have to provide the same information multiple times – Remember that you have already entered your username and password when logged in to the pages, so you do not have to redo it for each page. – measure how many persons using the services so we can make them easier and faster – Analyze data to help us understand how to use services online so we can improve them If you do not allow us to use cookies, certain features and web pages will not work properly. If you want to delete cookies that are already stored on your computer, follow the instructions for the browser by clicking Help in the menu. You can read more about cookies and how to use them at or by clicking Help in your browser.

Third Party Content


The website uses text types made available through Google Fonts. When loading such text types, we do not collect information about the visitor to the website.

Third Party Content

It happens that we include video clips, photos or content from other third party websites. Such content treats the visitor as if they were on the included content’s own website and therefore it may occur that cookies or statistics are obtained from these third parties.


Contact form

On our webpages, you can also contact us via a contact form, we ask for the name of a contact person and contact details. Personal information we receive upon requests is not used for any purpose other than contacting you.